Why Small Businesses Need a Website

In the era of digital revolution where almost every person has a digital presence, why not do the same for your business. Most of the small businesses are using only social media channels to maintain their online presence. In this article, we are going to list the top 5 reasons (out of many) why your business deserves a professional web design that will make you stand out from the crowd. There are thousands and thousands of articles available on the internet about this particular subject. We are going to narrow it down and speak from our own experience and observations.

Reason #1 – Credibility

By having a website your business is gaining important credibility which we all seek when it comes to making a decision about purchasing goods or services. Almost every person nowadays is using the internet on a daily basis. Previously conducted studies have shown that 84% of customers have said that a business with a website is more credible than the ones without.

Reason #2 – Reaching Customers and Accessibility

With a website, you can showcase more about your business in terms of what your goods or services are. In this way, you can let customers know about your exclusive offers or special deals literally straight away. Many businesses are using different ways of online advertising. The aim is to lead people to specific pages on their website where the customer can find more information about the company and promotions etc. Your website is accessible 24/7 to your customers regardless of the time and location.

Reason #3 – Cost Effective

As a small business owner you might think that investing in a website is not worthwhile, however, in the long term you will benefit more and I will tell you why. By having a website, you can change the information on it every day if needed without incurring a massive cost. Let’s think about it when you print out your brochures and you have made a small mistake or after 1 month they are no longer valid, would you be able to amend them free of charge or at a low cost? The answer is NO. And also you have to spend extra money on somebody to distribute your brochures on your behalf.

Reason #4 – Business Tools

Even though a small business website has many purposes one of the main ones is to inform and engage your customers. To convert visitors into purchasers and to represent your brand identity. The best way of doing so is to know your audience and their wants. Then give them valuable information and create a sales funnel that encourages them to go through the sale process. A small business website allows that process to be easy and simple.

Reason #5 – Customer service

Perhaps you would like to share tips on how to save money with a specific promotion, or maybe you’re a consultant and want to give your clients advice on how to simplify their business practices.

By including an FAQ page to your website, articles or newsletters can keep your customers up-to-date with valuable information. In this way, you also build your credibility and create customer relationships. We have mentioned this earlier in section number 1.


The old days when we all used to take out the massively heavy catalogue in order to find the nearest car garage or plumber are OVER. In 2017 a website is not just a luxury or a fad, it is a “MUST HAVE”. Not having a professional website designed for you, can only bring you disadvantages against your competitors and nothing else. If you already have a website but are not satisfied with the outcome, you should consider contacting a specialist in this area and find out how things can be changed in a better way.


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