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We have created yet another easy to read and understand the article when it comes to advertising and more, in particular, Facebook Ads. This Guide about Facebook ads will surely help you understand the basic points of how to set up a successful campaign and how to target the right audience and increase your ROI.
Using Facebook Ads to advertise your business can be a complete minefield if you haven’t attempted it before. There are so many tools that you can use to enable effective promotion and help drive traffic to your website or to create brand awareness. One of these is utilising the various ways of targeting audiences. We all know that targeting can be broken down into various categories such as age, gender and interests. Being so specific when targeting a new audience can be tricky and sometimes this may have an impact on how big your potential target audience is. According to Facebook Blueprint, this can be resolved by not overlapping subjects for your potential target audience. When you create your advert, there are locator bars for interests and one for behaviours.


Behaviours are based on the buying habits of the consumers you are aiming for. For example; a nail technician looking to promote their business can target those people whose interests include manicures so they wouldn’t need to use the behaviour trait of nail treatments as this could cause audience overlap and narrow the number of different people who could be interested in what your business can offer. It is important to remember that the more interests and behaviour patterns you add lower the number of potential viewers. The indicator chart at the bottom of your ad is a good indication of how many people you may reach.

facebook ads consumer behaviour


Location-based targeting is also another way to broaden your horizons when considering which people would be interested in the products or service your business offers. There are four main ways to use location to capture an audience and these are; everyone in a specific place, locals who identify that location as their home, new residents and visitors to the area. It may be wise, with this mind, to use the browse function to aim your ad at those in a selected postal area, town or country should your services be available to those people. Of course, just restricting these to specific geographic locations has its disadvantages as it narrows down the number of people who can connect with your ad.


It is important to be aware of which devices you select your ads to be shown on as choosing the wrong one may mean the difference between a bad and a good ad campaign. Most people nowadays have and use the convenience of a mobile device so it is highly likely that your ad will be better off targeting mobile devices instead of desktop users. Did you know you can utilize the connections section to include or exclude people from target audiences based on whether they engage with your Facebook Page or your Facebook Events? You can also target or exclude friends and connections of people who have engaged with your content. Once a target audience has been selected and chosen it can be saved and used again or the processes can be repeated to choose a new audience depending on what you are advertising.


In our experience of placing ads on Facebook, it is essential to read up and do some research on which target areas will work best for you and your business depending upon what services or products you offer. If you are adding a picture to your advertisement then try to keep the text on it to a minimum unless the text is on a product label, this lowers the risk of it being disapproved, none of us wants this as it will create much more of a headache in terms of rethinking the whole advert. Using interests is more productive than using a combination of this and behaviour traits, try to generalise the terms you use with regards to interests to keep your potential audience levels high.
Set yourself a budget for ads and don’t be tempted to exceed it, Facebook will encourage you to add on as many things to your advert as possible and it is easy to get caught up with all the add-ons they offer.
If your business is small and offering specific and local services, then this is certainly worth looking at, there isn’t much point in spreading your reach too far out just to lose money in the long run. If you know other people who run businesses and advertise this way then ask them questions about what worked for them and what didn’t and why. Most of all take your time to build your advert, don’t rush, this is something that your potential customers will see and first impressions are everything in such a fast-paced digital world. If you are not sure how to do it and think you wouldn’t be able to achieve the best possible outcome or ROI just trust Fine Digital’s experienced marketers.



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