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Effective web design can do much more than just give your business a presence on the internet. By working closely with us, rather than just instructing us, our clients get websites that profoundly reflect their brand and sell the benefits of what they do to their customers. Our team of Brighton based experts know that creating highly effective websites isn’t just about making them look nice but also about how they function.

When you collaborate with our team, we can create the kind of website that does exactly what you need it to do. It’s not just a case of you telling us what you need, it’s us gaining a deep understanding of your business so we can work together to make it happen. Put your business brain together with our nerdy knowledge and extensive experience to create a website that works for you.

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How our Brighton web designers can help?

First impressions are everything online. Therefore, Fine Digital specialise in designing websites that capture the attention of potential customers and get your brand message across as quickly and effectively as possible. Brighton businesses, in particular, very much have their own personality and identity. Being Brighton based ourselves mean we understand this and have experience in expressing it in web design.

Because we have lots of clients who dare to be different in what they do, we are fearless and unique in our web design too. Our designers don’t just create visually stunning websites though. They focus on our clients’ goals to make websites functional and easy to use too. As some clients want something truly unique and special, our team can hand code the entire website to give them something that is 100% theirs and 100% them.

While the websites we create are unique, we use a CMS like WordPress to make them easy for our clients to manage. We find that WordPress has an easy to learn and navigate dashboard so when people want to make changes on their websites without having to rely on a web developer, they can do so easily.


You may ask 'Why I should use WordPress to build my website'?

Some of the key factors are
• Easy to Manage
• Easily Integrated
• Online shop/ecommerce capabilities

• Unlimited Capabilities
• Easy to Customise
• SEO Friendly
• User Friendly


Why choose Fine Digital for your web design project?

It is a matter of pride that we never overpromise and underdeliver. With clear communication and extensive experience, we can give you realistic expectations about what you can expect from our service and then keep in contact throughout the project. We don’t make promises we can’t keep and never leave our clients’ wondering what is going on.

All our services are offered in-house so everyone works very closely together to deliver the results our clients want. Our pioneering approach to genuine and inventive web design, web development and search engine optimisation solutions mean we can give our clients something truly unique that achieves amazing results. We are also experts in delivering slicing, adaptation, assimilation and customisation services.

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