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Getting your business’s website on page one of Google is essential if you want customers to find it. There are lots of mean jokes about hiding government secrets etc. on page two of Google because no one ever looks at it or any further down the rankings. Fortunately, we know all the steps to improve your website’s ranking and make it very easy to find when customers are looking for your goods or services.

As a Brighton based SEO agency, we are experts in helping Brighton businesses get found online. We use both on-page and off-page SEO techniques to help your website appear as high up in searches as possible. By getting to know your business and ideal customers thoroughly, we can make sure your business ranks well for the sorts of searches that lead to good quality sales.

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On-page SEO & Off-page SEO

Lots of SEO companies do all of their work on their clients’ websites and, even though they do good work, it can only get those websites so far. Fine Digital take a more rounded approach in doing all the usual SEO work on our clients’ websites but also take on that off-page SEO that can make such a difference. In quite a close knit local business community like Brighton’s, it’s those ‘real world’ connections and endorsements that make such a difference to a business anyway so it makes sense to use them to improve search engine rankings too.

Even the on-page SEO we do is far from bog standard. We know that successful SEO for small businesses is all about the specific and niche rather than the generic. Using our deep knowledge of your business, we can find the perfect search terms to use on your website to exploit your unique offering. For the off-page stuff, we are familiar with local events, groups and online publications that can provide back-links and all those vital ‘real world’ signals that improve your Google ranking.


Local SEO

It’s this extensive local knowledge that really helps us boost rankings for Brighton businesses. This city is unique with a very distinctive style and personality. Local businesses can use that not just for how they style their website (with a tad more originality than just a picture of the Palace Pier in their banner, perhaps) but also for SEO with local search terms. If you’re a local business then you want to rank well on local searches. We have a great deal of experience in helping our clients’ websites do just that. Brighton-centric copy, URLs and image descriptions all work well but add in some links from local publications, businesses, events, etc. and you have a winning combination for ranking highly on Google for those relevant local searches made by just the sort of customers you want.

We are well aware there’s a joke in there about a local SEO agency for local businesses (or a TV comedy reference if you don’t get it) but we really are the best option for getting those local customers to find you and want to use your services or buy your goods.

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SEO Audit

How can you tell if your website’s SEO is up to scratch? Could a particular link to your website be doing you more harm than good? Would it benefit your ranking to make your content more locally focused? Get us to a perform an SEO audit of your website to have these questions answered. Our team of local SEO experts can take a close look at your website to see where improvements can be made to maximise your ranking on Google and help put your business in front of customers looking for what you do.

Our SEO audits aren’t just generic. We don’t just look for standard SEO features affecting your website. We get to know your business so we can see how your SEO is working for what you specifically want to achieve. Really good SEO isn’t just about getting your website to rank highly on Google. It’s about getting it to rank highly for the sort of searches that will bring the best business to your website. Once we’ve established exactly what sort of searches your business will need to get those high quality sales, we can check your SEO to ensure it’s helping your website rank well for those searches.

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