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The right Google Ads campaign is a very cost effective way of bringing business to your business. Properly put together and focused ads can target your perfect customers and make them want to buy your products/services. For example, if you want to reach the sort of Brighton resident who walks their dog in the Pavilion Gardens and likes to spend a lot of money on their pets, we can create a Google ad that will target these pet owners and be crafted to appeal to them.

Having targeted ads means you aren’t wasting money on a big reach, like a national newspaper advert, that will be totally irrelevant to the majority of that big audience. Google Ads work on a pay per click basis so you only pay when someone clicks on your advert link. This means you only pay when someone shows an interest in your product/service which is far more cost effective than paying for an advert which will mostly be ignored. As experts in creating Google Ad campaigns that really work for Brighton businesses, we can bring the business to you to boost sales without breaking the bank.

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Another advantage of Google Ads over more conventional advertising methods is the fact you can keep updating and improving them based on their performance. Google is very good at providing oodles of data on how your adverts are performing so experts like the ones in our team can analyse this data and use it to maximise the performance of your adverts. This means we can keep tweaking and retargeting your adverts to get you more business at less cost.

This sort of advertising is also very flexible so if you want to push a particular product or service or run a short term campaign for an event or special offer, we can turn off, turn on, adapt and change your Google Ads at any time to suit the changing needs of your business.

Managing Google Ads well isn’t about getting more clicks. It’s about getting more high quality sales. That means our experts will get to know your business intimately so they know who your ideal customers are. By targeting these perfect customers, your Google Ads will attract the sort of people who won’t be inclined to just look at your website but actually make a high value purchase. Collecting data throughout your whole sales funnel allows us to see how the people your Google Ads campaigns attracts are behaving and then tailor the ads accordingly. Our team have a great deal of experience in these kind of high value, low cost strategies to squeeze every drop of value out of those Google Ads campaigns so you get the best possible customers at the lowest possible advertising spend.


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It is a matter of pride that we never overpromise and underdeliver. With clear communication and extensive experience, we can give you realistic expectations about what you can expect from our service and then keep in contact throughout the project. We don’t make promises we can’t keep and never leave our clients’ wondering what is going on.

All our services are offered in-house so everyone works very closely together to deliver the results our clients want. Our pioneering approach to genuine and inventive web design, web development and search engine optimisation solutions mean we can give our clients something truly unique that achieves amazing results. We are also experts in delivering slicing, adaptation, assimilation and customisation services.

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Fine Digital is certified by Google

Google don’t certify people who are going to make their advertising platform look bad. They want the very best Google Ads experts to show off what a great product they have. To get certified by Google, our team had to undergo extensive training and prove they had the experience and expertise needed to run Google Ads campaigns effectively for our customers. Knowing what a large and prestigious company Google is, it’s gratifying to know our work on running Google Ads campaigns is so good that Google themselves are happy to put their name to it.

Because Google want businesses to keep coming back and using their paid advertising services, they train teams like ours to get the best possible value out of their services for our clients. They help businesses like ours maximise the performance and efficiency of the ads we create and we combine this training with our expertise and experience in helping Brighton businesses grab the attention of their customers. This winning combination means you get the might of Google and the local expertise of Fine Digital behind your campaigns for the best results for your money.

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