Why should I pay for SEO and How to measure its success?

why should i pay for seo

In this article, we’ll explain in more details how and why SEO helps your online business and how we measure our work.

1. High ranking in Google’s organic results

It is common for clients to want to bind the SEO contract with specific rankings and terms. Unfortunately, this is something that does not depend on us, and with personalized search, people from different places would see different results. Mobile devices also show a different layout of SERP compared to desktop computers.

Years ago, there was a basic index of site strength and that was the Page rank. Google has stopped using it and now we have 4 basic metrics to measure the strength of a website:

1.1 Domain Authority – Domain Integral Authority;

1.2 1.2 Page Authority – page-level authority;

1.3 Trust Flow – Measures the quality profile of a link profile

1.4 Citation Flow – domain quotes/brand quotes.

Well built website, with semantically correct and clean code, proper structure, relations, meta tags, elements, design and usability, and good content, almost like a side effect your website will rank well with key keywords. This will bring a lot of relevant traffic, and even the largest traffic channel for a site that went through the optimization process could be exactly the one from organic search.

2. A well made, properly structured website with a nice design and UX

In order for a website to claim popularity, show good performance metrics, and rank well, it must meet a number of criteria. A properly structured website is just one of these criteria. This is about the so-called On-site or also known as On-page optimization.

Not all SEO professionals understand design but all of them easily recognize a badly designed website that will confuse the user and makes a bad impression on your client. This is one of the first things that need correction. It follows the correction of the code, good structure, and elements on the site itself.

One of the first tasks of the Optimizer when taking over a new client is to do a full SEO audit that will show the current status of the site, what needs to be done in order to get a stable and correct foundation that can be used as a stable foundation.

3. Website speed

Speed is a very important part of the process, it is also a direct and indirect ranking factor. This is something that needs correction at the outset and doing everything possible to improve this indicator as part of a successful SEO strategy.

Our website is one of the most optimized in the industry


Here are some great speed test tools to test yours:






4. Relevant traffic from links

An important part of search engine optimization is building links to your site from other websites within your niche. We call this process link building.

In recent years Google’s algorithms have become complex, but much more correct than before. Now, to do something good, it will have to look natural. If the number of links was important years ago, quality and relevance are now important things. It is normal to get a link to your site from another thematically similar website to yours. This means it would also interest its audience in your content (product, service). It would bring you good, relevant traffic to your site and maybe potential customers.

5. SEO Image search

Image optimization for Google has several great benefits:

– Your site gets faster;

– Consumers are much more likely to buy if there is a nice, clear picture of the product;

– Many users are already looking straight into Google images;

– Visual elements attract more clicks and interactions.

Google has linked shopping results to images, to buy products directly in image searches, imagine how important this is. A good optimizer, improving and fine-tuning on-site optimization, will optimize the photos themselves.

6. Marketing

It is almost imperative that the optimizer understands marketing. We often need to give advice to customers about the position on the brand, how to segment the market and approach the groups differently. What to do to enforce and reinforce the brand, and how to combine SEO, branding, and PR.

7. Mobile search

Desktop time is rapidly passing. The advantages of the gadgets we can carry with us all are indisputable. And wherever you are, you could pull out your smartphone, look for what you need and BUY it or get the information you need. It is essential that every site that respects itself and who wants to succeed has a good mobile view and complies with the rules for mobile optimization.

Recently Google gave priority to the mobile index. Have you noticed that big companies are already making their sites thinking first about mobile devices and then desktop computers as well?

Now mobile SEO is a must and an integral part of the entire optimization process.

8. Local search

For some time, some say that there is no such thing as accurate search engine results. Location and personalization are key to good local search results.

The self-learning and now infinitely smart algorithms of Google can easily understand what you like and what you don’t like. They can offer you a service that you need close to your physical location.

The good optimizer will pay close attention to the local SEO as part of the overall service it offers.

9. Long-tail phrases

When you want to buy, for example, Lenovo P2, you will not look for the phrase “mobile phones” or “smartphones”, right? You will write directly “Lenovo P2 smartphone”. This makes you a strong potential customer, buyer type.

The good optimizer will research and find the right long-tail keywords that would bring you a significant conversion rate. An SEO specialist could bring you more sales.

In conclusion

SEO helps your business a lot, and it’s very important. We did not mention in the material everything, such as related searches, hints, videos and so on.

If you can create a properly semantic core of important keywords that would lead to more sales and then rank the site in top results with those words, the investment you make will be worth it. And remember that this is just one of the many advantages that SEO can provide in favour of your successful online business!

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