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Branding & Marketing Strategies

The importance of marketing cannot be overstressed in today’s crowded marketplace, where more and more products and services are vying for the attention of the consumer. To the untrained eye, very little difference exists between this variety of products. This is why that, as early as possible in the life of a business, it is vital to establish a brand identity. Every member of the branding team must be aware of the company values, its products and how they differ from all other market leaders. For example, if your company values include environmental concern, customer care and the provision of luxury, one product could be a brand of eye-catching candy made of ethically-sourced ingredients and produced with low sugar content. At every stage of the business marketing exercise, communication is vital. Every team member must know the practical and emotional benefits of the brand. Because every member of the team is a brand ambassador, it is vital to document the company business branding strategy, for example, by placing strategy charts upon company walls. The promotional material will stem from this strategy.

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Regular meetings between members of the team are essential to ensure that the company tagline and its logo convey the company values. These meetings will also ensure consistency across details such as the use of colour on printed material, the voice and tone of written content, the fonts and typography used, the chosen illustrations and photos, and the promotional videos posted on the company website.

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The importance of branding in marketing

Again, it is vital to stress the importance of branding, because the marketing strategy will invariably stem from successful business branding. Remember that all marketing strategies spring from your brand identity. Referring to the low-sugar product described above, one marketing strategy could be to connect with diabetics, and parents with concern for their children’s teeth. Require at least one member of your team to undertake research in unearthing interest groups that may demonstrate enthusiasm for your product or service. Be aware that everyone who comes in contact with your products/service and strategy material is a consumer, whether or not you have already won their custom. Be aware also that your customers, in addition to members of your team, gradually become brand ambassadors./>

When involved in business marketing, take location into account. For example, if you are aiming a product at customers in Brighton branding strategy could include a brief history of the town as part of your web content. Or you could tell the success story of the Brighton branding of its famous rock candy. Other marketing strategies could include handing out packs of complimentary candies to people walking by, establishing a candy-tasting centre in the town, and sending out a monthly newsletter to subscribers. Only by continually communicating with members of your team to stress the importance of marketing and to request creative input, can you establish a successful, long-term business marketing strategy for your company.